The Luberon

1 hour from Marseille

The Luberon, so popular with the Provençals themselves and with famous stars, is only an hour from Marseille. It's a small world, very popular in the high season, but that doesn't spoil its charms. Its regional nature park stretches from the Alpes de Haute-Provence to the Vaucluse. Coming from Marseille, it is through the latter that you will arrive. Perhaps through its southern gateway, aptly named... Pertuis.

The inhabitants of the region, who settled on these routes, which were so popular with repeated invasions, quickly understood the need to protect themselves and their crops. The result is before your eyes: a succession of these magnificent perched villages, which are the jewel of the region. Some are among the most beautiful villages in France. The land spreads out its ochre and castles. Gordes is no exception. Its castle existed shortly after the year 1000 but today has a Renaissance appearance, the time of its last reconstruction.

Among other remarkable points, you will find the Sénanque Abbey, whose Romanesque Cistercian silhouette rests like a jewel on a lavender setting. The village of the bories is another illustration of human genius for adapting to circumstances: such dry stone buildings assembled without cement deserved to be listed as historical monuments... Ménerbes, Oppède-le-Vieux, Bonnieux, Lacoste (castle of the Divine Marquis... de Sade). In Lourmarin, Albert Camus and Henri Bosco may receive your visit. Then Roussillon, Rustrel and the Provençal Colorado will throw the fire of their ochres at you.