A Coworking space in Marseille!

Ideally located near the sea and the city centre, come to our three-starred, beautifully decorated establishment to work and exchange with other professionals who love Coworking in Marseille.

A coworking space in Marseille, where does this new way of working come from?

Society is changing, and with it, the world of work. The emergence of self-employed workers, entrepreneurs and home office workers has created a new need. The lack of social interaction due to working alone at home can sometimes be a problem. When starting a company it is not always possible to rent office space immediately. Working as a freelancer also sometimes allows you to work from any office, workspace, computer or telephone. This is how coworking spaces have developed in Marseille and elsewhere. More stimulating, more motivating and particularly accessible, these workplaces have been a great success since their creation in 2005 in the United States. What's more, it's a golden opportunity to meet people and develop your business! So, are you ready to be tempted by this new way of working?

A Wojo Spot for coworking in Marseille

L'hotel Ibis Styles Marseille Vieux-Port is what we call a Wojo Spot, it's a kind of quality guarantee! To become one, you must, among other things, be able to offer a quality service, i.e. a secure and high-speed wifi, a nice decoration, a welcoming place offering a menu of hot or cold drinks. Our hotel and its coworking space in Marseille naturally meets all these criteria.

There are many advantages for members of this coworking programme in Marseille and more widely in France: such as negotiated prices in gyms, restaurants, and equipment; joining an already well-built network of around 5,000 people who are already members; invitations to professional events... All of which makes it easy to expand your address book!

Why choose Ibis Styles Marseille Vieux Port for coworking in Marseille?

Our hotel welcomes you all day long for your coworking needs in Marseille. To register for coworking in Marseille - Ibis Styles Vieux Port, simply download the application WojoJust sign up, select the time slot that suits you best and your favourite drink, then when you arrive at the venue, go to the reception desk to introduce yourself and off you go! Choosing our establishment is the guarantee of coworking in Marseille in a friendly space adapted to your needs.

Coworking in Marseille in a three-star establishment It's possible and that's what our Ibis Styles Vieux Port hotel offers you. A room where daylight reigns, spaces perfectly designed by an architect, drinks to your taste, a quality service, practical and comfortable furniture, and a friendly location to take a relaxing break during the day. To start your coworking adventure in Marseille, download the application and choose us!